#1160 – The Early Bird Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

‘The Early Bird catches the Mosquito’ is a saying I grew up with. On Saturday, this saying will prove true in two ways. For one, it is your last chance to make use of the early bird discount that grants you a seat on the bus to Hanguang (formerly known as Qingyuan) for just 300 RMB. One thumb up! After Saturday the price goes up to a still ridiculously low 350 RMB. Some of you have asked whether there will be a bus on Friday, too. Well, not officially, but we are happy to work something out for you. Therefore, we would need to know how many people want to go on Friday ASAP! Tell us by mail, or on Saturday at the Mango.

For the other, it appears that the run site offers great opportunities to catch the occasional mosquito. Two thumbs up!! While this may sound like fun to most of you, others aren’t so fond of them little buggers. For these people, the hares have a good advice: Bring large quantities of mosquito repellent.

While this sounds a bit exaggerated to me, another remark the hares made does not. During last night’s hash conference the excited hares promised that they are going to set the Best Hash Ever. Three thumbs up!!!


Where: Gold Mango Bar

When: Saturday, June 2, 2012 @ 1.30 PM

Who: Yan Can Suck, French Tickler

What: Dinner back in town


On On,


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