#1161 & 1162 – Meatballs’ Fuck-Off Hashes

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,


When: Saturday, June 9, 2012 @ 10.30 A.M.

Where: Gold Mango Bar

Price: 300 RMB until June 2, then 350 RMB

Return: Sunday, June 10, late afternoon or early evening

What: Pay to Hash Cash every Saturday at the Mango


For many people, the years spent on the Guangzhou Hash are their formative ones. This has been so also thanks to our Religious Advisor Meatballs, whose good example has inspired generations of young hashers. It was Meatballs, who always thought about enforcing our strict No-Beer-Spillage policy on the Hash, although he never ever shared his idea with anyone. That is what smart people call a wise move. He also taught us believers that beer alone is not alcohol, and that it is only to be considered alcohol when enjoyed in combination with Baijiu.

‘Drinking alcohol is our holy duty, he therefore repeatedly emphasized during the Hash press conference at the Gold Mango late last night, before he finally stated that this shall be his ‘most important teaching, and my legacy to the Guangzhou Hash’.

His Legacy? That’s a pretty big word for a man of Meatballs’ size. Could this be the first sign of a serious depression? Or worse, has he gone completely nuts?

Don’t worry, it’s none of it. In fact, Meatballs has never been better. The higher being that gives his existence meaning and direction (aka ‘The Foreign Secretary’) has ordered him to go to a hash-forsaken place called Uruguay to spread the true spirit of Hashing to the infidels. Hallelujah. Or better say ‘ON ON’! and ‘Hash Respect’!

Being in such a state of divine ecstasy, he nearly forgot to mention that the Guangzhou Hash is going to celebrate his Fuck-Off with a great Away Hash to Qingyuan, which is also known as Little Yangshuo. Not because it weren’t as pretty as Yangshuo (which it is), but rather because it gets much fewer tourists. Actually, we were really lucky to find a hotel that can host our quite large group, and even happier to learn that the hotel’s name is ‘The Superfun Hash Hotel’, or something like that. Super Wow!

As always on an Away Hash, the number of hashers is limited to the number of seats on the bus (unless you organize your own transport). Therefore, pay up as soon as possible. Remember: The mismanagement won’t accept any email reservation, only CASH!

The price is 350 RMB, but we give an early bird discount. If you pay until June2nd you’ll get the whole package for a mere 300 RMB. So you better pay this Saturday. It’s not only cheaper, but it also guarantees you a seat on the bus!

The price includes:

  • A few rides on our Superfun Hash Bus
  • All toll fees on the so-called Superfun Highway to Qingyuan
  • Dinner after Saturday run
  • Lunch after Sunday hangover run
  • Drinks on the bus and in the circle
  • Meatballs Fuck-Off T-shirt
  • One night in a shared double bed room at the Superfun Hash Hotel. If they’ll have enough rooms, you can kick out your roommate for an extra 50 RMB. Let us know early to check room availability with the hotel.
  • Two breathtaking runs: one on Saturday and a hangover run on Sunday.


The hotel offers a breakfast buffet for 10 RMB. Because a lot of you won’t get up early enough to make use of it, we decided to leave it up to you to go for it or not, and slashed 10 RMB off the originally 400 RMB run fee. We also don’t organize any lunch box for the bus ride on Saturday! That’s another 40 RMB more in your pockets! Wow! Bring your own lunch, or better still, prepare a bit more and share it with the others. This might increase your popularity a lot, at least for a little while.


Detailed itinerary for the Away Hash on June 9/10, 2012:


10.30 A.M.: Meet @ the Gold Mango Bar

11.00 till late: Kick some Meatballs


Early till late: Kick more Meatballs

Circle time: Find out who will give us our future religious advice

On On,


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