#1165 – The Zoological Hash

Cum one, cum all only be proper and no daisy chains allowed. –I know this description combines two very different dishes – Sole being a fish  and of course hare is that lovely lapin that the French love —-but I digress.
GPS says that it’ll be as sweet as honey, as rigorous as doing a K2 climb as short and sweet as a fast talking man to a lovely woman, and could be a slippery as ice-hockey on a mountain meadow, nonetheless here are two parts of the same story….see below 

Cum one cum all…..(no daisy chains allowed) For the cumming hash GPS will be the sole hare  GPS will give you a run/walk for your money.  He is taking us to virgin territories—at least symbolically speaking.  It might be short and fast- as many of the silver tongued young men might argue to their ladylove (with honey at the end) OR it might be as slippery, long, and hard as others might argue that all hashers should be.  Mountain high and/or valley low cum to the hash and view what GPS is concocting as a twilight virgin trail.

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