#1170 – The Social Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Picture this: You have invited someone over to your house where you wine and dine him. At the end of the evening your guest goes to your kitchen, takes a few beers out of the fridge and puts them into his bag, without asking or telling you.

What would you do? I suppose the least you’d do is not to invite him again, right?

The Guangzhou Hash will not ask such kind of guys not to come anymore. At the end of the day, it’s not such a huge deal. But of course, honest hashers cannot simply ignore such behavior, because these people suck the horse’s penis and they ought to get publicly pissed on. Unfortunately, since we don’t have a male horse, and our mostly decent hashers prefer to do their business in the confinement of a bathroom, these are not viable options.

I don’t know who the guys were who took beers back home after last Saturday’s Hash, and I also don’t want to know. I give them the benefit of a doubt this time. But, guys, if you were one of them, get prepared to sit on the ice should you ever get caught again, while the other hashers will get encouraged to pour beer over your head. You won’t get named at the end of the circle, when you are finally allowed to rise from the ice. Instead, we will tell everyone why you sat on the ice.

Don’t be anti-social! Remember: Your 50 RMB is not worth more than the other hashers’ 50 RMB. If you don’t believe me, check your second grade math book.

On On,


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