#1231 – The Revelation Hash

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Dear Guangzhou Hashers,

We receive the same questions over and over every week regarding the Hash run so we have decided to make a handy FAQ list to answer all your questions in once because, as you know, we care…..



Why should I join this week?

-Great run

-We want your 50rmb

-Great circle

-We want your 50rmb

-Great dinner

-We want your 50rmb


If I don’t like to sit on a bus with drunken passengers should I join?

-No, you better go to your local travel agent and get on another bus to wherever.


I don’t like to drink beer is that ok?

-Yes but pls realize you have a serious drinking problem, you might consider joining your local chess club instead.


Is everybody welcome to join?

-Yes but you should definitely join if you’re young and beautiful.


Do I need to be fit to join?

-Jelly Boobs apparently manages to finish the runs every time so….


When they sing “Tits out for the boys” should I show them in public?

-It’s not mandatory but you would instantly make it a most memorable hash if you did.


Can I wear my red dress?

-Yes, Shoeless wears his every week so….


Is Constipation going to be there?

-Yes, sorry, we apologize.


Is this week’s run the Best Ever again?

-Yes it is SO CUUUUUM!!!


Further details:

When/Where: meet at Mango Bar at 1:30PM this Saturday

Hares: Hunkaspunk & Constipation

The run: probably a long and a short run, probably in a great area, probably with a swimming pool at Point B so probably best to bring your swimming gear




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