#1254 – The Global Warming Hash

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Dear Guangzhou Hashers,

We will run this week to thank all the people that worked LONG & HARD to make Global Warming possible. For the first time ever we are able to enjoy warm weather at Chinese New Year making it finally a bit bearable. To mark this unprecedented achievement in the history of mankind the Hares will organize the first annual New Years Dive in the swimming pool at point B!!!

So get on that old Hash bus this Saturday, which as you know has a higher carbon footprint than the whole of Mao Feng Shan can ever compensate for, to celebrate Global Warming at the side of a swimming pool with a cold beer in your hand at Chinese New Year!!!

(or you don’t cum and have another dinner with relatives who you are happynot to have to see them the rest of the year…)

Further details:

When/Where: meet at Mango Bar at 1:00PM this Saturday

Hares: Hunkaspunk & Constipation

The run: Long/Short option

Dinner: at Point B




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