#1284 – The Dream Date Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

If you had the choice between a day out with the Hash and spending it with your crush, where would you want the Hash to go to? And would you bring your crush along, or would that only spoil the fun for you? 

Never has this been easier to answer than last night during the Hash Press Conference, at least not for Himalaya and Circle Jerk. Not only are both of them going to bring their crushes along, but they will also decide for the rest of us where we’ll have to run on Saturday. 

‘What an audacity’, you may say and wonder how in the hells they managed to pull that off while you, on the other hand, got so deep into the shits when you tried to explain to your crush that you cannot date him (or her) (or it) because you have to be somewhere else, and the mere fact that you had absolutely no idea where this somewhere else was didn’t make it any easier. Well, at least not as easy as the solution to the mystery how Circle Jerk and Himalaya pulled that off. They simply volunteered to be the hares – not for the first time by the way – and being a hare on the GZH3 comes with a whole bunch of privileges*, such as telling everyone else where to run and where to have the dinner.


When: Saturday, August 30, 2014 @ 1.30 PM

Where: Gold Mango Bar

Who: Himalaya & Circle Jerk


On On,


*There are many more privileges that the Guangzhou hares enjoy. For example, both hares don’t need to pay the 50 RMB run fee. They can also try to claim back up to 300 RMB for taxi, flour and other expenese from our Hash Cash**. Best of all, though, is that they get laid whenever they wish to. And, I’d like to emphasize once again that it is a common misperception that haring is exclusive to a small group of elitist Guangzhou hashers. Quite in the contrary. Anyone who can connect an A-point with a B-point is welcome to give it a try! 

**Good luck with that one. 

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