2013 Full Moon Hash

French Connection Full Moon Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

AS YOU KNOW, many people claim that diplomacy is just a waste of time and money since it anyway has no effect on what is happening in the real world. The Frenchies are finally able to prove all these heathens wrong. In their effort to make Wednesday’s hash the most memorable event in the history of the Guangzhou Full Moon Hash, the Grande Nation’s diplomatic corps on the GZH3 has pulled a lot of strings, and applied the right amount of pressure wherever deemed necessary. And now it is official: Thursday is a day off. Thank gods! Or better thank the Frenchies instead. However, with more personal freedom comes more responsibility. Hence, be responsible enough not to use the anyway highly questionable excuse that you’ll ‘have to work tomorrow morning*’, anymore, and cum to the Full Moon Hash.

Remember: if these fine hashers have already gone through so much to get you guys a day off then they’ll certainly also go all the way and set an amazing trail. And maybe, but only maybe, they will set the Best Full Moon Hash of the Year.


When: Wednesday, September 18, 2013 @ 7.30 PM**

Where: Taojin Station, Exit A, Line 5

Hares: Gorf and Condom

What: Amazing trail and epic dinner


On On,


*whining smiley

**that is the evening before the day off

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