#1320 – The Slow and Slower Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash!

We are very sad to say that we have had numerous complaints in the last week about check backs being marked as false trials during the previous run. We are not sure why this is happening as everyone from the Mis-Management made it back ok and with Hello Sailor more or less missing the entire circle we may have even made a profit for once last week!  

Anyway, one of the younger and much shorter members of the haring elite amongst us became so concerned that Hello Sailor may not have totally achieved his weekly beer consumption allowance that he actually had the audacity to write to the Mis-Management and issue an LBCR (Low Beer Consumption Report)! In short that hasher, namely Little Semen, and I quote directly here, said “I may be slow and Hello Sailor maybe even slower but as a team we have the potential to become one of the GZ3H’s haring elites!”

Indeed when the Principle of Little Semen’s school found out that an LBCR had been issued to the Mis-Management he said that there was only one thing for it. He immediately ordered that a three-day sporting marathon be held in at Little Semen’s school in order to ensure that this weeks hares are at the peek of their sporting prowess on Saturday!

I am sure that all of the hashers in Guangzhou will also be pleased to hear that we in the Mis-Management have also taken this complaint seriously and have cum fully on board with our corrective actions. Hello Sailor has been ordered to attend additional trial marking classes, which have cum at great expense and were held in the Panyu Brew on at least 3 occasions this week so far.

Unfortunately it has to be said that the Mother of the Hare is starting to worry that Hello Sailor maybe taking the trial marking classes a little too seriously as there are flour trials appearing throughout the Panyu area. One of her major concerns is that ALL of the outgoing trials seem to lead directly to a Beer Stop in The Brew. Unfortunately no one, not even Hello Sailor can quite understand why the return trails always seems to be twice as long and include numerous check backs and false trials that go in and out of some rather dubious looking “KTV, Spa and Massage” establishments. Whatever the cause I am sure there is a perfectly rational and innocent explanation for it all.

If nothing else I can guarantee this, the Hares will in no doubt will be setting what will be the Best Hash in Guangzhou this coming Saturday.

Anyway Personally I believe it all to sounds like, sounds like ……….


Trail – Dafu Shan Forrest Park, Walkers trial 5km, Runners trial 7km (ish).  

Hares – Hello Sailor, Little Semen, a taxi and the Mother of the Hare (who will be keeping a close eye on proceedings).

Meet at the Gold Mango Bar 13:00 hrs (1 PM) Saturday

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