#1367 – Le Fuc-Offe Hashe de Diu Lay Lama

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Ladies & Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

Saturday marks the end of an era for the Guangzhou Hash and ushers in a period of uncertainty as one of our best hashers says “au revoir” on his way back to France. When Diu Lay Lama leaves us, the Hash will be in desperate need for someone to hash three times per year* and to supply us with delicious wine when needed.** It is in appreciation of these occasional services to the GZH3 and all of his 50RMB payments that we lift a glass in DLL’s honor this Saturday to say, “Fuck off, dearest wank.”

Diu Lay Lama likes his Saturdays long and hard***, and that is exactly what this week’s hares have promised in his honor. The mismanagement also intends to take advantage of the fact that Thumbleprints is still out of town by raiding the Hash Cash to fund a Bread, Cheese, & Wine Stop**** in homage of the one thing that we can actually tolerate about his homeland. 

Saturday’s hash truly promises to be a legendary event as we use DLL’s departure as an excuse to have nice things and celebrate having one less Frenchie on the Guangzhou Hash. Bring yourself, bring a virgin, and most importantly bring a Francophone to translate all the rench singing that will be occurring. 

See you Saturday for the best Bread, Cheese, & Wine Stop of 2016, and stand uuuuuup if you haaate the French, stand up….

* – To DLL’s credit, all 3 hashes are usually harings, and the trails are all quite good.

** – Fortunately we have Holy Moly…

*** – Not a dick joke. “Long and hard” is referring to DLL playing Mah Jong with his wife’s parents all weekend.

**** – Luckily the sitting Hash Cash is a Kiwi and a fox in the hen house when it comes to protecting the money from wine and cheese expenditures.


What: GZH3 Run #1367: Le Fuckoff Hash de Dyu Lay Lama
Hares: Double-00 & Cum Cannon

When: Saturday, March 12, 1:00 PM SHARP!

Where: Mango Bar – Taojin Metro Exit B


On On!

Three Inches of Pain

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