#1396 – The G20 Blue Sky Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash…

As the world’s leaders descend upon Hangzhou, the People’s Republic and the Xiites are pulling out all the stops to make sure the G20 summit looks like a scene out of a photo-shopped West Lake postcard. Factories are shuttered, residents have been given vouchers for discounted trips out of the city, and migrant workers have been treated like…well…the same as they’re always treated.

Fortunately, the Guangzhou Hash needs no authoritarian measures to bring you an international workshop of our own just outside the city. Our conference features elegantly-adorned trails, eloquent speakers, and fashionably-attired delagtes*. The hosting Indian**, Dutch***, and American**** dicknitaries promise nothing but Olympics/APEC/G20 Blue Skies, pristine trails free of litter, and a swimmin’ hole at the B point that is safe***** to swim in.

*And, much like the upcumming G20 conference, this sentence is full of shit.

**Dots, not feathers.

***This week’s trail is as flat as his girlfriend’s…er….hometown.

****Maybe the last G20 summit we attend pending November election results…

*****Side effects may include skin irritation, impudence, loss of virility in males, balding, children born with 11 fingers, glaucoma, and a really fucking good time. But seriously, very cool B Point, the swimmin’s fine.

On On Saturday for what will easily be the greatest summit of international diplomacy in China of all time!


What: GZH3 Run #1396: The G20 Blue Sky Hash

When: Saturday September 3rd – 1:00PM Sharp!

Where: Mango Bar – Taojin Metro Exit B

Hares: Pound-a-Cherry, Just Paul, & Three Inches of Pain

How Much? 50rmb for GZ hashers and visitors. 120rmb for newcummers includes GZH3 welcum package!

What to Bring? Trail shoes, swimmies, change of clothes/footwear, 50-70rmb for dinner.


On On!

-Three Inches of Pain

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