Run #1539: ‘Jungle hash!’

Ladies and “Gentlemen” of the Guangzhou Hash,

Recurrent complaints have stipulated that the Hash trails have gotten urban, too flat, too many stairs, not enough snakes… For intrepid Guangzhou hashers who miss the wilderness, we say, your time has come. Canoodle my Noddle and le Coq Petite have decided to put an end to the tragedy of concrete trails and missing mountains.
This Saturday, you will find that satisfying release from sexual frustration while enjoying the untrimmed, untamed JUNGLE HASH!!
Get ready to get lost in the wet, dense folds of the mountain and to fight some ferocious unknown animals (and possibly renewed insect populations).
As always, beer shall reward our worthy Hashers finishing the trail

What: GZH3 Run #1539: Jungle hash !
When: 4.27.2019. 1:00pm Sharp!
Where: Mango Bar – 100m west Taojin B
Hares: Canoodle my noddle & Le coq petite
Cost: 130RMB for Adults, 65RMB for Kids
Bring: Trail Shoes & long clothes (long sleeves, socks, trousers), change of clothes and a virgin (to feed the snakes)
On On!
-The Hares

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