Run #1577: ‘The Twists and Turns Hash’

Ladies and ‘gentlemen’ of the Guangzhou Hash.

Without further ado, the hares present to you the ‘Twists and Turns’ hash.  The last time this haring duo combined forces they brought you the ‘straightest hash ever’ – not withstanding the mermaids at the beer stop and Hiking Club sleeping in her bathing suit. 

This week they have searched long and hard for a trail full of more twists, turns and surprises than Womb Raiders Tinder dates and Creamy Buns dressup wardrobe. 

So if you are ready to be wowed and amazed by what Buns Raider has in store for you get your buns on the bus at Mango Bar Saturday.

NEWSFLASH: The hares have just been informed that in a delicious twist of that the GZH3’s second favorite bar is donating cans of Wuyang IPA for Saturdays trail. Go show your love for the STRAND and thank Dave in person.

Run: #1577 ‘The Twists and Turns Hash’
Hares: Womb Raider and Creamy Buns
When: Saturday 18th January, 1PM
Where: Mango Bar, Taojin Exit B (Line 5)
Price: 130RMB (70 run + 60 dinner), kids 65RMB
Bring: Change of clothes, virgin
Note: This trail carries a MILD PinPrick Warning