Run #1578: ‘The Rat Race Hash’

Ladies and ‘gentlemen’of the Guangzhou Hash.

Warning, no bus this week! Running from Modiesha subway station to Wangshengwei with hopefully some food in the GM’s lair afterwards.

Happy new year to all you wankers. For the people with no family and/or life the Guangzhou Hash still hosts a spectacular run through abandoned Guangzhou. Expect clear skies, fresh air, quiet and desolate landscapes on your way to the A point. Beautiful virgin trails without the usual zombies will follow. Dinner to be a shared meal from whatever is brought by you or available in Wangshengwei or Waimai. Sadly we have to install a hard limit of 100 hashers due to restrictions by the relevant organs and 1 mandatory down down for every time somebody checks your temperature by the hash overlords.

The hare!

Run: #1578 ‘The Rat Race Hash’
Hares: Hunkaspunk
When: Saturday 25th January, 2PM
Where: Subway line 8, Modiesha Station exit C
Price: Free
Bring: Change of clothes, virgin, food to share, hazmat suit