Run #1579: ‘The bat-shit crazy Hash’

Ladies and ‘gentlemen’of the Guangzhou Hash.

Warning, no bus this week! Running from Changban subway station of line 6 to B with maybe a dinner afterwards.

Cum and join your only outdoor activity of the week! Break out of the bug-out bunker and let your lungs fill with moderetly clean air. This hash will not feature our loyal bus driver, but we might be able to find a subway. Only cost of beer to be shared among the hashers and absolutely nothing else. No sex on trail, no goodbye kisses, no body shots.

The hare!

Run: #1579 ‘The bat-shit crazy Hash’
Hares: Hunkaspunk
When: Gebruary 1st, 3PM
Where: Subway line 6, Changban station exit C
Price: Free
Bring: Change of mask, clothes, mask, virgin, mask, hazmat suit, mask