Run #1585: ‘The Bus is Back’

Ladies and ‘Gentlemen’ of the GZ Hash.
Remember when you were young and that certain ballad meant so much to you and that special someone? Can you still feel those cold, lonely nights when an uplifting melody from your favorite band turned your darkness into light? Do you recall those warm sunsets together with friends – singing admiration and humiliation upon the idiotic things you did that day whilst making you drink from a shoe?
We at The Gold Mango Bar Studios remember, and we’re proud to introduce the defining collection of those timeless hits you love – THE BUS IS BACK! These songs will bring you back to a time when life was easier; a time when life was more innocent; a time when Italians weren’t discriminated against in The China. Songs like….
‘Magic Bus’ by The Who
‘Thin Lizzy’s ‘The Bus is Back in Town,’
‘Hot Buss’ by The Killers
Don Henley’s ‘The Bus of Summer’
…and the song that will live forever in all our hearts…
‘I Like Big Bus and I Cannot Lie’ by Sir-Mix-A-Lot
These timeless songs of yesteryear and many many more are now available in a limited-offer, 2-CD set that can be yours for the low, low price of just $19.99. BUT, if you cum in the next 3 days before Saturday, we’ll slash your price to an unheard-of price of just 70RMB! That’s right, you get a bus, a trail, all the songs you care to hear and all the beer you care to drink for just 70RMB!
Act now, as this offer expires soon, and you never know when those dirty laowai might force us into having underground hashes again!  
On On!
-The Hares
PS. Let’s pretend that, on the bus, everyone smells like our Dear GM and we all want to keep plenty of space from one another!
What: GZH3 Run #1585: ‘The Bus is Back’  
Hares: Shoeless Ho & 3IOP  
When: March 14th – 1:00PM Sharp!  
Where: The Gold Mango Bar (100M west of Taojin Metro Exit B)  
Price: 70rmb for adults, 35 for kids, free for babies that don’t drink 4 Coca-Colas during Hash  
Bring: MASK REQUIRED ON BUS – NO EXCEPTIONS. Change of clothes/shoes, VIRGIN