Run #1597 – ‘The 66 Hash’

Ladies and “Gentlemen” of the Guangzhou Hash,
This week’s hash falls on the date of 6/6, which figuratively looks like a Harriette who couldn’t stand the smell of going down on her hasher via 69, couldn’t bear his breath after the bash, and just decided to turn away in bed and let him do his business while she Googled, “why does my man always have a stank about him after hashing?”
But enough about Pig Magnet’s personal life…
This week is the 66 Hash and next week is the 77 Hash. What does that mean, you ask? The answer is simple: nobody fucking knows! What we do know is this:
-6.6km is the approximate length of the trail, with a margin of error of about 8km. If you do 14.6km, good for you! If you do -1.4km, please inform the Hash Cash about which tech stocks are going to be hot in 2030 after you return from your time-bending wormhole.
-6.6 beers are rationed on average for each paid hasher. If (no, when) you bring virgins this week, make sure they’re the “I’m college student-I come practice my Engersh-drink 1 Co-Cola” type virgins to increase the quantity of said ration.
-6.6 is the average hotness rating of a GZH3 Harriette. Some of you outliers are doing well to pull this average up (among other things), while there’s a good number of you dragging this number down like 99 lead balloons. Drink up, boys!
With any luck, you’ll run 6.6, drink greater than or equal to 6.6, and go home with a 6.6 on 6/6 after the 66 Hash.
On On!
-Three Inches of Pain
What: GZH3 Run #1597 – The 66 Hash
Hares: Hunkaspunk & Lil’ Spunk
When: June 6 – 1:00PM Sharp!
Where: The Gold Mango Bar – 100m west of Taojin Metro Exit B
Price: 130RMB for adults, 65 for kids, free for babies that don’t drink 4 Coca-Colas during Hash includes BUS, FREE FLOW DRINKS, and DINNER
Bring: MASK REQUIRED ON BUS – NO EXCEPTIONS. Change of clothes/shoes, more than one virgin, Towel, Umbrella, VALID/UPDATED SUIKANG CODE.

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