Run #1601: ‘The Pandamoanium Fuckoff Hash’

Ladies & “Gentlemen” of the Guangzhou Hash,

Pandamoanium already fucked off from us once, but he realized that Qingdao wasn’t as hashgasmic as Guangzhou. He was planning on staying for a long and hard time until last week’s trail left him nearly dead, and Shoeless Ho asking his wife if she was pregnant again left him without permission to cum. His experience was so bad he’s decided to go back to home where the tallest hash climb he’ll ever face is to the 2nd floor weed dispensary.

So, we have the Pandamoanium Fuckoff Hash. The best part? No Pandamoanium!

But there will be beer, there will be a “trail,” and there will be wetness.

On On!

What: GZH3 Run #1601: ‘The Pandamoanium Fuckoff Hash’
Hares: Not Pandamoanium
When: June 27th – 1:00PM Sharp!
Where: The Mango Bar at Taojin Metro Exit B
Price: 130RMB for adults, 65 for kids, free for babies that don’t drink 4 Coca-Colas during Hash including BUS & DINNER!!!
Bring: MASK REQUIRED ON BUS – NO EXCEPTIONS. Change of clothes/shoes, more than one virgin, Towel, Umbrella, VALID/UPDATED SUIKANG CODE.

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