Run # 1,604: ‘The Save-the-Bush Trail’

Ladies and “Gentlemen” of the Guangzhou Hash,

This week marks the last time Hiking Club will grace the Guangzhou Hash with one of her all-white explosions of flour in Longdong. Hiking Club has long sought to fuck off from her haring responsibilities but has been waiting for another similar individual to take her place. Someone with equally furrowed brows, perhaps a lone harriette with a comparable beer belly, and similarly hairy legs. In sum, she was looking for an equally Amazonian woman to take her place on the Guangzhou Hash hareline.

Fortunately, virgin hare, Just Gabriella has met all of the aforementioned standards to take the torch from Hiking Club as the token Amazonian woman on the Guangzhou Hash. The Louse-From-Manaus will assist Hiking Club in setting a less-than-virgin trail that is reminiscent of the Brazilian hariette’s hometown: Mosquitos, steep inclines, mud, thorns, bushwhacking and who could forget those little bugs that swarm your head and fly into your eyes. It’s going to be a long dong of a trail to a familiar B point.

There will be beer. There will be a pool. There may even be goose. Cum Saturday and find out if any of this is true.

What: GZH3# 1,604: The Save-the-Bush Trail
Hares: Hiking Club & Just Gabriella
When: Saturday, July 25th, 1:00pm meet, 1:30pm OnOn
Where: Mango Bar, Taojin Metro Line 5 Exit B
Cost: 130RMB adults, 65RMB kids, 0 babies
Bring: Swimsuit, snacks, mosquito repellent, change of clothes (and shoes), virgin

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