#1376 – The Bureaucratic Hash

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,

It has become a wonderful Guangzhou Hash tradition that our regular hares bring virgin hares onto the trail to teach them the, if I may say so, tricks of the haring trade, so that eventually we can at one point in the hopefully not-so-distant future welcum further ambitious hashers to theretar…, eh, rewarding world of Guangzhou haring and, and…’

What was supposed to become the high-spirited official launch of a brand new hash tradition quickly turned ugly at the hash press conference at the Gold Mango Bar late last night. There was a general consensus that of all the comments that were made, ‘you dimwit ought to get your member cut off and squeezed all the way through your sphincter!” was by far the kindest one (but only after the commenter had explained that “all the way” wasn’t really that much of a way at all).

‘When you took me haring you did it just so that you had someone to blame for all your fuck-ups and whose ass would go on the ice instead of yours!’ that foul-mouthed bad example of a hasher continued.

Of course, such an accusation fills every regular hares heart with a heavy sadness $superheavysadsmiley$. In fact, it makes us so sad that we, the United Regular Hashers Union of the Guangzhou Hash, promise to do whatever is humanly possible to ensure that none of us ever have to listen to such allegations again $happyagainsmily$.

We therefore decree that, with immediate effect, virgin hares are required to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (regular hares are infallible, virgin hares aren’t) as well as a Non-Disclosure-Agreement (what happens on trail stays on trail) before they even get a fistful of flour!

Find out how this will play out for this week’s Virgin of the Week!


What: GZH3 Run #1376: The Bureaucratic Hash

When: Saturday, April 30th, 1:00 PM SHARP!

Where: Mango Bar – Taojin Metro Exit B

Hares: Womb Raider, Cum Cannon, and 00


On On,


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