#1377 – The Welcum Package Hash

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 As you know… The Guangzhou Hash is always very welcumming of virgins on our Saturday excursions: we get to deflour them in the name of better weather; they’re made to load up the Hash bus with buckets of delicious beer; and they’re bound to be bending over in the circle if Shoeless spots a pair of tight pants or an ample chest. However, several issues within the Guangzhou Hash have intertwined to bring about a new idea from the Mismanagement regarding virgins…and like all propositions set forward by the MM, this one is sure to go over more swimmingly than Easter Eggs in a Maofengshan pool. Beginning Saturday, all virgins (not including visiting hashers) will be receiving a glorious package of hash gear upon registration. Our new charges shall be bestowed with a GZH3 t-shirt, beer condom, and bottle opener along with that life-changing first hash experience. This Welcum Package, along with the privilege of spending an afternoon with the fine upstanding members of the Guangzhou Hash, will cost each nubile newcummer merely 100RMB, a number that is sure to be accepted by the multitude of enthusiastic virgins we seem to be attracting week after week. In addition, this week’s virgins will get the last trail* co-hared by the wannabe-American and wannabe-anything-else-based-on-who-just-won-the-GOP-nomination. Our virgins will definitely need that new shirt after they’ve sweated through the one they brought, they’ll surely need the beer condom as we get ’em drunk, and they’ll certainly need their bottle opener as they toast the hares for another Best Hash Ever! *- Who am I kidding? CC probably isn’t going anywhere…


What: GZH3 Run #1377: The Welcum Package Hash
When: Saturday, May 7th, 1:00 PM SHARP!Where: Mango Bar – Taojin Metro Exit BHares: Cum Cannon & Three Inches of PainHow Much? RMB50 for returnees and visitors, RMB100 for virgins (Welcum Package included!)   On On!-Three Inches of Pain

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