2016 PRD Hash

#1378 – The Inaugural Pearl River Delta Hash

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Guangzhou Hash,
A few things have been lingering around since the conclusion of the All-China Nash Hash….the odor of rotten eggs outside the Mango Bar; pregnancy concerns
with that Beijing hasher you slept with; the shame of sitting on the ice in a much-too-short kilt; and the mutant strain of syphilis still growing on your leg have hung around for the past 6 weeks.

Luckily, however, one positive thing that is still “lingering” around from the ACNH is the menage-a-trois bromance that’s developed between the Guangzhou Hash and our neighbor kennels in Dongguan and Shenzhen. The GMs and Mismanagements of our respective Guangdong hashes have decided that our little corner of China is the best the country has to offer in hashing, and we’re ready to prove it as the South Rises Again!

The Shekou Hash is hosting* the first of what we’ll call The Pearl River Delta Hash, and 120rmb is all that it takes to get you on a bus with unlimited beer headed toward an excellent hash trail and dinner that’s included in your run fee. Once again, we meet at NOON and the bus leaves by no later than 12:30pm. Don’t miss what is sure to be one of the hash events of the year, as we prove that, unlike the South in the US, the South of China is really where it’s at…for Hashing.

*Incredibly, none of these “lingering’ things are fictional.


What: Pearl River Delta Hash #1: The South Will Rise Again
When: Saturday, May 14th,  12:00 Noon SHARP!
Where: Mango Bar – Taojin Metro Exit B
Hares: Shekou H3
How Much? RMB120 covers everything for the day, including the dinner and beer! Also. A reminder about the upcumming GZH3 special events!

Friday, May 13 (Tomorrow!): Friday the 13th Hash. Meet at Wushan Metro Exit B1 at 7:30pm. Bring a torch!
Saturday/Sunday May 28-29: Double-00, Angry Dragon, & Cum Cannon Fuckoff Hash Weekend in Yingde. 350rmb payable to one of the Hash Cashes; Thumbelprints, Bollyboobs, or Womb Raider. Register early!

On On!-Three Inches of Pain

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