2020 PRD Hash

SH3 Run #1833, GZH3 Run #1575, DGH3 Run #112, PRDH3 Run #6

Ladies and “Gentlemen” of the Pearl River Delta Hash,

The south has risen again and it’s time for another Pearl River romp, this time to one of our Mother River’s northern tributaries. Up yonder, the pure waters flow both through Conghua’s breathtaking valleys and your beerslurping lips.

Listen to the gentle song of a virgin stream as it trickles down the rockfall in a quaint farmer’s orange grove. Witness a gentle stream trickle down the leg of Sloppy Seconds as he makes a mad dash from the hotel hot spring to the laddie’s room.

Experience the rustle in the bush as two rare white pheasants of northern Guangdong engage in a ritualistic dance of courtship. Marvel at the mating habits of Red Rocket as he chooses his yet-to-be-determined and unbeknownst-to-them victim of the weekend.

Hear the echoing call or “Oooon Onnn” as it rings through the virginal vistas. Listen to the coos of “Ooooohhh yassss” as that one harriette* (or Chicken Choker) finds that one special spot in the hot spring with extra bubbles.

The serene symphonies of Conghua’s slopes will swoon you, the guttural growling of Sleazy Rider in the circle will inebriate you, and the splish splash of a medicinal hot spring will tickle you in all the right places.

On On!
-The Hares
What: SH3 Run #1833, GZH3 Run #1575, DGH3 Run #112, PRDH3 Run #6?
Hares: Three Inches of Pain & Loose Pussy (ironic)
When: When the hash bus stops
Where: Where the hash bus stops

2 days trail clothes. Take note, GZH3 GM.
Shiggy socks or pants for Saturday trail
1 set clothes for post-run circle and dinner
1 set swimwear. Less is more.
1 lunch for Saturday bus. Sharing is caring
1 breakfast for Sunday morning, Sharing is caring.

2016 PRD Hash

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