Run #1412 ‘The ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Hash’

Ladies and “Gentlemen” of the Guangzhou Hash,

Turtlehead claims that he has found a pandora’s box of trails that he plans to give to you tomorrow for the GZH3 Christmas Eve hash. Not only that, you might be able to find yourself enjoying a nice turkey dinner for Christmas Eve if the hares are in a giving mood. Hopefully it will be a better gift than the empty bottle of Miller High Life that was hurled at Turtlehead’s noggin on Christmas Eve in 1998.

Triple XXX-Ray joins him as sugar plum fairies dance in his head*. As you may have seen in the Hash Awards presentation, this week’s co-hare has a little more muscle in one arm than the other, so my advice to you is to turn right at every check.

On On tomorrow for what will surely be the best Christmas Eve hash in years!

*Sugar plum fairies rubbing each other with oil.

What: GZH3 Run #1412: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

When: Saturday, December 24th- 1:00PM SHARP!

Where: Mango Bar – Taojin Metro Exit B

Hares: T2: Turtlehead & Triple XXX-Ray

On On!

-Three Inches of Pain

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