Run #1524: ‘The work weekend in Chonghua Hash’

GZHash #1524: The work weekend in Chonghua Hash

Dear Ladies and ‘Gentlemen’ of the Guangzhou Hash:

I will be away this Saturday, to ensure a beautiful and naughty Hash trail, I will send my boys although one is a virgin and other can barely find his way to Mango Bar on a Saturday anymore.

I have given them clear instructions on what should be an expertly marked and true blue trail. But to make this Saturday even more of a challenge I decided to make the boys take you all out of the Maofengshan comfort zone so you can get lost in a completely different area of GZ!

So cum Saturday to be wowed by what will have cobbled together for you!

Minute Man, Just Alex (virgin hare)

Your Love
Womb Raider

What: GZHash #1524: The work weekend in Chonghua Hash
Hares: Minute Man & Just Alex (virgin hare) + Womb Raider in spirits
When: 13:00 on Saturday January 19
Where: Mango Bar Taojin Exit B (Line 5) 
Cost: 0 – 6 yo free, 7 – 12 yo 65 RMB and 13+ 130 RMB cash or WeChat for bus, run, drinks and dinner.
Bring: Change of clothes, shoes and a virgin

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